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New year: hot potatoes & country attire!

Whilst many of you were glad to see the back of 2016, we're proud to have spent last year realising our dream and opening The SHED. As we move into a new year, we want to wish you all the best of everything in 2017 and to tell you about changes that we've been making to ensure that this year is more exciting than ever. So, to the hot potatoes...

Tea at The SHED is now firmly established as the place to visit for the most spectacular cream teas, paninis, drinks and snacks. Simon’s worked hard to build up his reputation & we’re pleased to welcome many customers back on a regular basis (where else could you meet friends or take family for a catch-up, whilst eating the finest food and drinking the finest drinks, surrounded by the largest collection of vintageware, antiques & curios?!) Having said all of that, you'd think things couldn't get any better wouldn't you? Well, welcome to the newly-made-over tearoom:

Simon's added a gorgeous new workstation, whilst retaining the same number of tables for guests; he's adding new dishes to his menu all the time - watch out for baked potatoes shortly (that’s where the ‘hot potatoes’ come in!) Our thanks go to Simon for making Tea at The SHED a destination, a special treat, the perfect place for a lunch date; and an ideal setting to consider all of the things you've seen whilst walking around our showroom.

We've had a bit of a change around ourselves, and, exciting news, we’re branching out into vintage clothing and country ware. Always up for a bit of diversity, we’re delighted that one of our traders Jan Ort, of La Deco de Scarlett, has taken over the room at the top of the stairs from the tea room (the one with the amazing window), and is offering an enormous selection of the most gorgeous vintage clothing and countryware - from ballgowns to Barbours and from wedges to wellie boots. With lots of accessories and curious to boot (bad pun!), Jan brings an incredible range of beautiful attire to The SHED - here’s a quick snapshop, but head over to our website soon as we'll be updating our gallery to show more of Jan, and our other traders' delights:

Listening to what our customers want is something that we’ve been particularly careful about over this last year and, as such, we’re evolving: still offering the same range of antiques and vintage treasures, we know that local crafts, giftware and country clothing are all things that naturally sit in our fabulous showroom so, we’re in the process of updating our website to show you the wares that our traders bring to you, as well as those that we find on our treasure hunts across the country and from Europe.

Finally, our last piece of news for now is that we’ll be celebrating our birthday next month - towards the end of February and, to celebrate, we’ll be launching an exciting competition - without letting the cat out of the bag totally, it’ll be ‘virtually’ amazing and we’ll be throwing in a great prize to celebrate a year of living the dream. Watch out for our celebration news in the coming month but, for now - keep warm, stay positive and come visit!

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