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Happy 4th Birthday To Us!!

Welcome to February! This month sees The SHED turning 4!

What an amazing 4 years it has been, after collecting the keys all those years ago we wondered how on earth were we going to fill 5000sqft.

Now we are jam packed with such amazing pieces and a wonderful eclectic mix, thanks to our Traders.

You may recall from our last blog that we were building "SHEDlets" within our lower showroom for the smaller trader.. well out of the 6 we now (at time of writing) only have 1 left available! Please do contact us if this would be of interest to you.

Whilst on the subject of Traders we have had 2 new ventures joining us this month, firstly Sass Ladies Boutique who is located at the back of the upper showroom.

Sass offers a fabulous array of ladies clothing, bags, scarves and jewellery at simply amazing value. So much so that their first weekend with us items were flying out of the door. We wish Alison continued success!!

Our second Trader to join us this month is Street Forge Workshops who operate activities for adults with disabilities and are a registered charity (No; 298301).

Their Mission Statement - "To enhance the quality of life and enable people using our service achieve their full potential, through tuition and guidance from our staff and volunteers, thus ensuring they continue to develop and improve their skills."

They produce wonderful Bird Houses/Insect Houses/ Hedgehog Homes and much more.

Make sure you visit them within The Potting SHED!

It goes without saying but a massive Thank You for your continued support, we would not be where we are today without you. Also thank you for your patience whilst we make changes to The SHED, the end result will be worth the wait.

We are excited to see what this next year brings us and hope you join us on our 'SHED' journey!

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