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Something for our experts to get their teeth into

We want to send big thanks to all of our lovely customers who attended our first valuation event on Saturday; and also to Oliver at Bishop & Miller auctioneers & valuers for his expert opinions and interest in all of the curiosities that were brought in, and his wife Charlotte for her mastery of paperwork!

We think the event was a resounding success with a steady stream of customers bringing in their wares for some expert advice. We had some amazing pictures, rugs books and all kinds of interesting articles that Oliver helped to shed light on - we even had some WWI and WWII medals that belonged to a father and son.

We took the opportunity of asking Oliver’s opinion on a curiosity of our own - we thought this might be something he’d quite like to get his teeth into (see what we did there?!)

French/German antique mobile orthodontic set

Just like everyone else, we’re always curious about some of the items that we find on our travels for treasure, and we happened upon this particular find in Brighton. It turns out that this is a mobile orthodontic set which would have belonged to a well-to-do dentist making home visits to the wealthy. Some of the pieces are swaged in gold and platinum, and we think it’s a French or German set dating around 1905 - as rare as hens’ teeth!

This was certainly something for Oliver to ‘chew’ over - Bishop & Miller have taken them to do some more research; they really are quite fascinating and we’d love to learn more. Anyone who can ‘fill’ us in with any further information on this jewel in our ‘crown’, please feel free to email us:

We’re already looking forward to our next valuation day on 10th December (see our news post)- once again, you’re welcome to bring in any vintage or antique treasures for Bishop & Miller to value. We look forward to seeing you.

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