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Ooh la la a French Collection

We are delighted to introduce you to one of our newest traders, Belle Francais, bringing French antiques furniture and curiosities, linens and enamelware to The SHED :

You'll find this amazing collection at the top of the stairs, towards the back of our building. Having arrived on 22nd July, we celebrated by offering customers refreshments whilst they browsed.

Our trader, Belle Francais, is "delighted to have such a wonderful room at The SHED - it's an idea place for me to showcase my French vintage and antiques. I especially love the floor-to-ceiling leaded window that lets in so much light and adds to the atmosphere that I've tried to bring - I know my wares complement the variety of styles and eras that the showroom covers and I'd love to meet you sometime soon"

We know you'll love this amazing French collection - drop by sometime soon and see!

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